Wednesday, February 6, 2008

She/he/it has a name - and a friend!

My budgie chick is still going strong.... something we are quite suprised about. Shortly after my original post about it the chick went all "flop-bot". It's neck looked like it was broken, it wouldn't feed and it's toes were curled up. I managed to drip a bit of food down it's throat and put it in it's nest. It lay on it's side..... sadly I went out to the garden and avoided checking it as I was sure it was dying. Ian eventually went for a peek to find it sitting up and chirping for a feed! Since then it hasn't looked back.
It flies out of the cage to be fed and hardly needs feeding by me anymore, much to busy flying around the room. Since it seems to be here for the long-haul I have relented and given it a name. "Squirt". Partly because what goes in comes out the same, and partly because of how tiny it is.

Squirt has been joined inside by Duncan. I am yet to take some pics of him. This little white fella is about 12 months old. Ian found him in the bottom of the cage looking very wobbly. We have diagnosed him as having a Vitamin B deficiency so the poor thing had a vitamin injection yesterday! I held him while Ian did the injection, I had visions of the needle coming out the other side! Oh, and his name comes from the Slim Dusty song "I love to have a beer with Duncan" cause of his weak legs and wobbly stumbling walk.....


Breanna said...

Such a cutie!

Genny said...

your chick is too cute glad to hear its doing better :)