Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm spinning around, get outta my way.......

No it's not the Kylie Minogue song I'm referring to, I have spent this evening teaching myself to spin! Not as easy as it looks, I'm tellin' ya....... I have had my spinning wheel for about 2 years now and finally got around to having a go. Thank goodness for the internet, I found some great videos and sites that are so helpful. Books just don't do it for me I'm afraid, gotta see and do. Check out my results, not bad for a first go. (Ok, maybe the second go, or was that the fourteenth?) Not quite sure why it bunched up like that on the bobbin but I guess I'll work it out.

I also found some great tips on this forum that has info on all sorts of fibre arts such as spinning, knitting, weaving, felting etc. Can't wait now to have some hands on instruction from a real teacher ........

Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy blogiversary to me!!!! My 100th post.......

I am truly hopeless with anniversaries. My hubby and I actually forgot about our's this year until about a week later! And it was only our second lol...... how are we going to remember when it's our 20th? Anyway in keeping with my live for the moment concentration span I missed the anniversary of my blog. Yes folks it's been a year already! But I didn't miss my hundreth post, and this is it! Yay for blogging!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Crafter's toolbelt

I saw a great tutorial for this toolbelt here and decided I just had to have one! Now I have pockets for all my tools as well as the essential mobile phone and iPod lol....I have lost my mojo with sewing lately so I decided to get organised and tidy up the craft studio as well.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Project number one!

Here's my first project from the book I mentioned in my last post. These came up a treat and are so comfy. I might make the next pair a little smaller, I think I might have to felt these a bit more to make them fit my feet better. I tarted them up a bit with the button and topstitching, not too bad I reckon!

I did it!!!!!

Yay, I can make beanies!!!!! I came home from the expo very inspired with lots of ideas for new projects. So I finished my (Toddy's) beanie last night to clear the way for more creativity. I was pretty happy with it, and he loves it! Louie the lamb thought it smelt pretty good too lol.... I saw some skeins of handspun wool at the expo yesterday for $20 each, so that made my seven skeins for $3 a real bargain. There was some great stuff at the expo, and lovely people too. If anyone wants to check it out (Bron) it's on every day this week until 12 noon Saturday at Kinross Wollaroi school in Orange NSW. I left there determined to find a spinning teacher so I can make use of the coloured fleeces I've been given and eventually spin some of Pearl and Louie's wool. I am thinking of taking the girls to a coloured ram for a "sleepover" when Louie is old enough, much cheaper than buying handpun wool. I must learn to dye the white fleeces too, so much to do and so little time lol.... Off to check how my recycled jumpers are felting in the washing machine. I bought this book yesterday and I am keen to get started!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wonderful wool and fabulous fibre......

I am so into raw, natural fibres at the moment. I found this gorgeous handspun wool at an op-shop a while ago and decided to make Toddy a beanie.
He's been after a heavy, greasy wool beanie for yonks. I have only knitted scarves and one or two simple jumpers so the whole shaping thing is new to me. Oh well, worth a go. The wool cost me an unbelievably cheap $3!

I am off to a fibre expo today, I'm so excited.... I only had a very short time there last year and the goodies were divine, camel fibre for goodness sake! Never knew it was available! Can't wait to see what they have this year...... kids are on holidays but I managed to farm them all out so I have a whole day to touch and stroke and smell and..... ok I'm rambling but it's gonna be great!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Just for fun.....

Haven't had a chance to do much crafting lately, so when the opportunity presented itself today I jumped at the chance. I've been dying to give this idea a go. Who would have thunk ya could make a hat from a recycled wool jumper? Well, the idea never entered my head til I borrowed this book from the library and found this pattern! So easy and just what I needed, a quick frivolous project just for me......
I just made the flower from scraps of felted jumper and added a bit of stitching. Whole thing took about an hour and was heaps of fun. I can see myself making a few of these for the chilly days ahead.