Thursday, April 17, 2008

I did it!!!!!

Yay, I can make beanies!!!!! I came home from the expo very inspired with lots of ideas for new projects. So I finished my (Toddy's) beanie last night to clear the way for more creativity. I was pretty happy with it, and he loves it! Louie the lamb thought it smelt pretty good too lol.... I saw some skeins of handspun wool at the expo yesterday for $20 each, so that made my seven skeins for $3 a real bargain. There was some great stuff at the expo, and lovely people too. If anyone wants to check it out (Bron) it's on every day this week until 12 noon Saturday at Kinross Wollaroi school in Orange NSW. I left there determined to find a spinning teacher so I can make use of the coloured fleeces I've been given and eventually spin some of Pearl and Louie's wool. I am thinking of taking the girls to a coloured ram for a "sleepover" when Louie is old enough, much cheaper than buying handpun wool. I must learn to dye the white fleeces too, so much to do and so little time lol.... Off to check how my recycled jumpers are felting in the washing machine. I bought this book yesterday and I am keen to get started!


Erica said...

Great beanie Mon......can you crochet???? I bought a kit from a craft show last year for a crocheted bag that is then felted and have yet to finish it. I've come a gutser with it. I love crocheting but I'm only used to crocheting squares or whatever for rugs so this has been a bit hard. I think I'm going to ring the lady and see if she's coming to the next craft show in Brissie and she if she can show me a couple of things I need to know to make this bag properly. The wool actually cost quite a lot so I think I'd better finish it. I love doing it though....when I get it right.
Thanks for sharing.
Hugs Erica

Monica said...

Hi Erica, have you tried googling how to's for crochet? I have only done rugs and squares too..... Mon x

Erica said...

What a good idea! I'll probably learn heaps on there. I know that I got a kit out for punchneedle the other day and have never done any of that either and was looking at the needle and when I googled how to thread it it gave such a good diagram!!! Thanks for the idea!