Thursday, April 26, 2007

Challenge items

Genny and Cheryl from Ewenique treasures
have had some great challenges for us lately.


The first was a tote made from 3 placemats.

This is my tote bag, it's hard to tell but it's a chocolatey brown.

The pockets are made from the leftovers and there are vintage buttons on the corners.

I reversed the fabrics for this side, the pocket has a dividing seam down the centre so it is actually two pockets in one.


For this challenge we were given some label graphics to work with,

we could use them however we liked.

These are my Prim journals. I used heavy recycled cardboard and tied recycled paper pages inside. The one on the right is for a bingo prize on P4P, the other one is a keeper lol.....

I also made these Prim spice jars - easy peasy! I was pleased with how they turned out....

I am really enjoying these challenges, it is fun to get out of my comfort zone and work with different materials and ideas.

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