Wednesday, May 2, 2007

More pics of our place.......

Caramel is my gorgeous Jersey cow. This pic was taken when she was about 18 months old, that was about 2 years ago. Since then she has had a calf and my hubby Ian milked her. She has the creamiest milk - yummo! She needs to go back to the bull very soon, she keeps chasing Ian with an amorous look in her eye!

Why buy new when recycling is so much more fun? We made our letter box from a tiny old electric oven that we picked up for a song from our local junkyard. We bolted it to a post and put a tyre filled with dirt at the base to make it more stable. A few succulents in the tyre garden and it was finished. At least my kids know what I mean when I ask the to check the stove..... The neighbours have an old drum painted in spots like a fresian cow for their letter box. I love looking at all the great ideas people come up with, must be fun for the postie!
We used an old stock crate and recycled corrugated iron to build our chook shed. We bought old army issue eskies for nesting boxes and even used old paint to do the sign. If you look closely there is a little galvanised tin rooster on the top of the cage. The girls are off the lay at the moment so we need to get a few extra hens from the battery egg farm down the road. The owner lets us have his older hens cheap, and boy do they love coming to live with us! Their poor little claws are so bent from being locked in tiny cages, with us they are free range for most of the day so they must feel great. We only lock them up at night to protect them from foxes. The neighbour gives us scraps from the restuarant where she works in return for eggs, it works out great for all of us.


Scallywags Scribbles said...

LOve these pictures of your "farm", it reminds me of when we had bantams and called our little hen house, Dad's Bantam Lodge. The house /sign are still standing today.

Lana said...

I've enjoyed visiting your blog ~ I came by way of Lynda's blog.

Have a beautiful day!