Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The new arrivals.....

My five girls are gorgeous, but they don't keep up with a family of six's egg needs, especially when they are "off the lay". So we have taken delivery of six 'rescue' chooks from the local egg farm. These girls were headed for a dreadful fate as they were past their peak and up for replacement. So we happily gave them a new home, and they will give us eggs in return.

These are the five "originals".

Rascal the cat likes to share their scraps, they don't seem to mind!

Here are some of the new girls. They are moulting at the moment so they are pretty scrappy!

After spending their lives in tiny mesh cages, the dirt feels a bit strange under their feet..

A nice warm chook shed & loads of hay to keep them warm.
These ladies are used to a constant 22 C, not the minus temps we get in


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