Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A few bits and pieces

My fave food in the world is sushi, but living in a small town we don't get to indulge very often. For ages I've had a sushi-making kit and recently I took the plunge and had a go. Here is the result, not bad for a first try.... It was divine if I say so myself, the tuna was amazing!

Just a bit of eye candy for the prim lovers out there.

I have acquired quite a few cream stoneware pieces so I put them all together with a few cinnamon sticks and some antique egg-beaters.
These tags are great, my friend Ang made them and I have been trying to find a spot for them to show them off properly. I joined a few sticks together with the hot glue gun and some calico strips, and put them in a rusty tin with a rusty pie plate. I put in some gravel to give it stability.

1 comment:

ann said...

Great idea to show off the tags never cease to amaze me...and love your new stoneware...looks fabulous!
Love to eat sushi, but too fiddly for me to be bothered to make it..lolol..and especially when the family don't eat
luv Ann.xx