Friday, October 26, 2007

I made a barn star!

I am so impressed at how easy this was to make. Believe it or not I made it from a cereal box! I got the template here
I enlarged it 200% so the final star is about 20cm across. I will have a go at making a huge one soon, love those. All you need is a craft knife and ruler, some cardboard, black spray paint, spray adhesive and cinnamon. Of course you could paint them any colour you like, but I love the faux-rust look. Only took me about ten minutes to make this one and I already had everything I need. Considering how pricey the big barn stars are this is a really cheap way of making heaps of them!

1 comment:

Mike said...

Great job. Can you explain the process of applying the adhesive and cinnamon? The rust variation looks amazing

Thanks in advance