Sunday, June 1, 2008

Well at least we'll be clean lol.....

Is it normal for one person to do so many different things? Most people seem to choose a hobby or three and concentrate on doing them well. Not me, I flit from thing to thing like a voracious honey-bee in a flower garden. I sew, embroider, spin, make soap and candles, do punch needle and rug hooking, make prim dolls, knit, crochet, make braided rag rugs, and so on. And that's not to mention the preserves, bread, pickles, jams, etc etc etc. I just love producing things with my hands. I may not be an expert at any one skill but I never get a chance to get bored! I am in full-on soap mode at the moment. It's becoming an obsession. First it was the olive and lavender soap with oatmeal and hemp. Now I have produced a massive 3. kg lot of canolive soap which I am in the process of hand milling, or re-batching, into different varieties. Merran (11) and I made chocolate and vanilla soap today, and tonight I made a batch of cinnamon soap. It has real cinnamon and cinnamon leaf essential oil in it. Yummo! I had no idea how long it would take to melt down the canolive soap, it took about an hour. The first batch we did in a saucepan over a low heat. I was stressed out thinking it was going to burn. So the following batch I did in the Pyrex jug over a saucepan of hot water. Took just as long but not as scary. Apparently it can be done by double bagging the grated soap and immersing it in hot water. I'll try that next time.
This is the canolive soap curing so it can be hand milled. Who ate the top of the bread? Hot bread is just soooo good.......If I can't get the hand milling process sped up I'll just make small batches of the gourmet soaps. I made extra of the canolive so I can use it to make my laundry liquid anyway. Hmmmm, wonder how long this phase of my creativity will last?


Tracie said...

Hi Monica,
The soap looks fantastic - I have all the ingredients to make some but too afraid to try. I'm a bit of a craft jack of all trades like you... knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, beading, cooking from scratch sewing etc. You just never know when all these skills may just come in handy. If you are having fun thats the main thing.

Tracie xx

Bron said...

I'm jealous!!! I've been wanting to have a go at soapmaking for ages now but just haven't got around to it. The soap looks fantastic! Bread on the other hand I have been having a go at. I've ditched the bread maker and have started experimenting with different doughs and baking bread in the oven.
I'll be emailing you with details of the spinning, felting workshop soon. Would you consider running a soapmaking workshop???

Out Back said...

Hello Monica,

Have just stumbled across your blog and enjoyed looking over it. I have yet to try my hand at soap making although I want to give it a go. Yours looks great, and I love your craft work.

Have a great day,