Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to me, I'm a hundred and three!

Well, not really, I turn the big 4-oh today. I have been so spoilt by my family, and also by the wonderful girls in the P4P birthday club. Here's some pics of my loot!

From Relle, a gorgeous framed painted stitchery, two crow ornies and a lovely pumpkin scented melt which I have melting as we speak.
Lisa sent me a beautiful prim pinkeep, love the fabrics, and a cute little tape measure in a tin.
From Mill I received a lovely prim angel doll, how on earth did you get time to make her with the wedding? She's lovely! Amanda made me a fantastic art journal, so much detail, it's amazing. Must have taken ages!
And last but most certainly not least was the brilliant note book Leanne made me, love the recycled paper pages, and the altered art cover is divine, the poem is so sweet.
Thankyou all so much, I am feeling spoilt beyond belief!


KernowWitch said...

Happy Birthday Mon, the gifts are lovely...talented girls on Chrissy x

Amanda said...

Hi Mon, I don't think it took that long whipped it up in no time actually, must say though I was very pleased with it and didn't want to part with it have been meaning to make one for myself but haven't as yet too many other things on the go. Glad you are having a lovely day.