Friday, August 3, 2007

King parrots

We are fortunate to have these gorgeous creatures visit us most days. I made a simple bird feeder from baling twine and a plastic pot plant tray. I drilled holes for drainage and added a horse shoe for weight. The parrots love it, getting up to all sorts of antics hanging upside down on the string etc. They provide us with hours of entertainment.
Female on the left, male on the right.

I love their gorgeous feathers, if you look on her back you can see the blue under her wings.

What a pretty boy! He has such a lovely red beak.

We often have up to 5 of these birds visit at any one time, depending on the season. They bring their offspring home to show them off to us........

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ann said...

They are gorgeous aren't they Mon...i have noticed on my way to work, quite a few of them on the side of the road...which i always hope they don't get hit, cause then they are so sad losing their partners...
luv ann.xx