Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I have been absent from blogging this week as my new laptop shorted out! I am now using hubby's work computer which I can only get onto in the evenings. I am suffering withdrawals, but I'm getting loads done lol..... Hopefully my computer will be back in action in a few days as I can't add new pics on this computer.

I have been busy planting seeds in punnets in my temporary glasshouse. This gorgeous structure consists of 2 glass doors leaning against the Northern side of the house. I have onion, and spring onion seeedlings growing nicely. Today I planted the following in punnets:-

Mixed cherry tomatoes
5 colours of tomatoes
Ornamental gourds
Mixed chillis
Jalapeno chillis
5 colour silverbeet

I also planted some more radishes direct in the tank garden. I can't resist them so I am eating as many as I plant! Victor the goat and Rabbit (the paint horse) love them too lol...

And the exciting news for the week is that my broad beans are flowering and my sweetpeas have buds - YAY! Oh, and my chookies are laying 2 eggs a day, that's 100% increase lol, so they may be coming back on the lay.

Pearl the lamb had a haircut on the weekend, my Dad cut the wool around her face and crutched her. I will post a pic ASAP, she looks hilarious..... Dad also vaccinated and drenched Pearl and Victor, I think they were glad to see him leave lol.....

We are currently nursing Vixen the drafthorse, she went through a barb wire fence and grazed her inside leg really badly - more vet bills, but she'll be ok. Thank goodness drafties are so placid, she just stood there and waited for us to get her out.

Have a great week everyone!

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