Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pictures, yay!

I'm still on my darlin's computer, but I've worked out how to load my pics. So here's Pearl at the beauty salon lol. For those that are wondering why we trim her wool like this, it stops her from getting grass etc caught in her wool near her eyes, and keeps her rear end clean to stop the flies harassing her.

The "before" shot, cute but oh so woolly!

Pa, my Dad doing the hairdressing. He breeds stud sheep so he has the gear and know-how. Thanks Pa!

After - my baby looks so grown up now!

Today I planted the first of my heirloom potatoes - in tyres. I have never grown potatoes before so it should be a bit of fun. I have Sapphires, King Edwards, Desirees, Brownells, Red Stars, Royal Blue and Nicolas. The Sapphires are purple all the way through, should make for interesting mash lol. I laid the tyres on top of newspapers, half filled them with hay, added some compost and threw in 2 potatoes per tyre. Then I covered them with a thick layer of hay - now to wait for them to emerge so I can add another layer until each stack is about 4 tyres high. Should have heaps of yummy potatoes for Christmas........ For any Aussies looking for heirloom vegies go to

My seed potatoes are busting to get into the ground, look at those shoots!

The first layer, all done.

After dragging carts of hay up the paddock and chucking tyres over the fence I'm pooped, who's for a home brew?

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