Saturday, July 14, 2007

At last!!!!!

It's been school holidays here for the past 2 weeks, the kids go back to school on Tuesday. Being a realist I decided housework was a waste of time with 4 children in the house and also that I needed some sanity saving sewing time. With this in mind I could justify finishing a raggy quilt I had started 2 years ago for my step-daughter Merran (10). The fact that it's been very chilly here and Mez has had a cold only gave me more reason to finish it! Luckily Ian had a couple of days off so I trotted out to the Doll House to do some patchwork. When I started this quilt I was really winging it. I had seen a couple in magazines and kinda worked it out but I made the mistake of having the wadding the same size as the top and bottom squares. This made it extremely difficult to snip to get the raggy effect. I also used a recycled flannalette sheet as the backing. Not a great idea as every square stretched! The quilt was tossed aside for a very long time. This time I made the squares of wadding an inch smaller then the purple and flannalette squares. It was soooooo much easier, both to sew and to snip. I think Merran likes it by the grin on her face! This pic was taken before I washed and tumble dried the quilt, the pic on the bed shows the raggy effect better.

Please ignore the texta marks on Mezza's forehead!

Don't you just love the lumpy bumpy kid-made bed lol...

Now, to just get time to paint her room......

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