Saturday, July 14, 2007

My op-shop quilt.

Are you all sick of quilts yet? Lol.......Now that I have finished Merran's raggy quilt, the next project is to reconstruct the quilt I bought from an op-shop last year. This quilt cost me $9 AUD, so I was happy to pay such a small price for something that will take a little work. Whoever made it must have done a sampler quilt course, but not known how to finish it. Every block is a slightly different size, and it was joined together with extremely uneven sashing in the light blue colour. The blocks themselves aren't too bad, although I have to completely remodel the one on the bottom left hand corner as it was cut crooked. The maker had actually overlocked the edges of the quilt, cutting it in the process.
I'm not into pinks so I will put the quilt together with navy sashing and tea-dye the lot to tone down the pink and antique the lighter blocks. I think the navy will show off the blocks quite well. Not sure how I'll quilt it, probably just in the ditch around the blocks. Hopefully it won't take me as long to get done as the last one!

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