Thursday, July 5, 2007

What a bargain!

I answered an ad in our local paper and picked up this beauty..... It is a single bed size handmade bow-tie quilt. Actually it is a quillow, it has a pocket on the back so the whole quilt can be folded into the pocket to make a pillow..... a lovely old man was selling up some of his stuff so he can go on holidays to Canada, and this was one thing that had to go. His SIL had made it, I hope she doesn't realise he sold it! She's done a great job, machine quilted around the bowties and hand quilted in the plain blocks. She also hand tied in between! Certainly much more work in this than the $45 AUD worth I paid for it.......

I love the quilt on my queensize bed as a topper. The gorgeous teddy bear on the bed is George - named after George Clooney for his dark eyes and strong jaw lol....... He and I have been through a lot together, I bought him after my first marraige broke down, so he has earnt a permanent place on my bed!

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