Saturday, January 12, 2008

Adventures of an insomniac......

Ok, I'm pretty used to the tossing and turning thing now. I haven't fallen asleep before 3am since a zillion years ago. But some nights are more eventful than others. Tonight for example. Which is why I'm blogging at 2.38am. It's a hot night here, and in my current "green" wisdom the aircon has been turned off for the night. After listening to my ipod go into sleep mode, and with the music still soothing my weary mind, my peace was shattered by the bark of my dog, Angel. Reluctantly I found my slippers and the torch and headed to the door to investigate. I shone the light across the yard to discover a large horse standing near the kennel. Which would have been fine except for the fact that he was trying to drink from the bucket of water I had put there for the goat. Poor Victor had tangled his tether around a stick and had nowhere to go! And the horse (Nugget) was trying to "taste" him! Well, the goat was bellowing which set off the sheep, the dogs were barking and all five horses came over to check it out. There was nothing else for it, I went to rescue the terrified goat. In my pyjamas. At 2am. Over the wire fence I climbed, mosquitoes attacking my bare arms and legs, watched by the very amused equines. Now, trying to disentangle a panicky goat with the help of five horses is not easy. They would not shoo no matter how much I waved the torch with my free arm, making what I was doing a tad difficult, and I'm sure much more entertaining. Even less easy was lifting said (rather heavy)goat over the fence while he insisted on pulling with his full strength away from the scary horses and towards a delicious patch of grass! Lifting each front leg over the wire and pushing my shoulder into his rear end was more successful. Once he was over you would think my troubles would be too. Not so lucky I'm afraid. Never let a hungry goat near a rusty bath tub full of succulents. Straight for my Aloe Vera he went, with a glint in his eye that told me my Zygocactus were next on the menu. And here's me tugging on his chain and trying to climb the fence at the same time. In my pyjamas. At 2 am. With five horses snickering- no giggling- in the background. And did I mention the sheep bleating and the dogs barking? As I stumbled over the fence, cursing just about everything, I longed for the peacefulness of my usual insomniatic night. Finally I put Victor in his pen with Pearl the sheep and threw them a biscuit of hay. That shut 'em up. If only those horses would stop their darn laughing!

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